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Bibliographies guide

SHORTNAME - The shortname used in the Folk Song Index and Broadside Index to refer to this item. For printed material it is usually composed of Surname of author, Shortened title and Date of publication. For published sound recordings it will usually be: Label and Catalogue number.
DATE - Year of publication or issue.
GEOG - The country from which the material is collected or pertains, not necessarily the country in which the item was published.
AVAIL - An administrative field.
ENTERED - When the songs included in an item have been entered into the Folk Song Index and Broadside Index, this field will read 'Entered'.
AUTHOR - The author(s) or editor(s) of the item, in the format: SURNAME, First names. Where there are two or more authors, they are separated with ' / '. In the case of sound recordings, the main performer is regarded as the author. For sound recordings with numerous performers, VARIOUS PERFORMERS is entered in this field.
TITLE - The title and subtitle of the item.
BIB DETAIL - The basic bibliographic or discographic details. For published printed material, normally entered in format: (Place of publication: Publisher, Date of publication).
For published sound recordings, Label or Company, Catalogue number, (Date of issue).
NOTE1 - Any useful explanatory note and/or cross-reference (eg, when an item previously or later published in another form).
ADDRESS - Not used.
WEBSITE - Not used.
LIST2 - Not used.
REF - Not used.
REC - For published sound recordings, the name of the collector or recordist and the date of recording. In broad terms only. Does not go into detail of individual tracks.
SOUND_CONTENTS - For published sound recordings, an indication of the number of tracks. Only traditional songs are included in the Roud indexes, and these therefore take precedence over instrumentals and revival performances which may be included in the item.
SOUND_FORMAT - For published sound recordings, the format; eg CD, LP, Cassette, etc.
SERIES - The name of any series in which the item is issued (e.g. Folk Songs of Britain Vol.6)
DATEADD - The date the entry was added to the Bibliography; in format 20130518.
TYPE - Broad category of material: Book, Article, Journal, Sound recording, Songster, Sheet music collection, Street literature collection, and so on.
ANNOTATION  - Not yet used.
ROUDID - The unique number assigned to this item in this database. Always begins with 'X'. Referenced in the ROUDBIB field in the Folk Song Index and Broadside Index, and in the 'Relationships' section in the full record online display.