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Dance/Tune Index guide

TITLE - The title of the dance or tune, as given in the publication.
COMPOSER - The writer or composer, if given in the source (not added from elsewhere).
LOCATION - Classification or location of the item within the Vaughan Williams Memorial Library.
SOURCE - The publication in which the tune or dance is to be found.
PLACE - The geographical location of where the item was composed, collected, or published (if given). In format: Country : County : Town/Village.
TYPE - Distinguishes between 'Tune' or 'Dance' or both.
DANCE_SUBTYPE - The classification of dances into broad categories (see Dance/Tune Index Introduction).
DANCE_FORM - The shape and/or form of the dance (eg Square; Longways (4 couples)).
TUNE_FORM - The form of the tune (in words), ie Hornpipe, Schottische, etc.
TIME_SIG. - Time signature of the tune, eg 3/4, 6/8.
DATE - Date written, collected or published.
NOTE - Any useful note or reference.
WEB_LINK - When an item has been digitised and is available online, this field will give the link [not yet in operation].